Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vaccination in Islam - The Grey Area

Vaccination...a Muslim in Nigeria has a child who suffered from polio and health authorities pinpointed the cause to the fact that this kid did not take the polio vaccination. But the family believes that the condition of the child is caused by the will of Allah, and has nothing to do with vaccination. The family refused vaccination because they wanted to avoid the uncertain haram/halal status of ...the vaccine.

Interestingly, we are usually taking vaccines without considering their origins. It seems that we are powerless to even check on the origin of the vaccines, and have been following the masses and the standards set by the polyclinics and hospitals.

According to a research, vaccines can increase immunity against some illnesses but at the same time cripple your immune system against other illnesses, and cause side effects such as sudden allergy, shortness of breath and even death. This happens when your body is overloaded with vaccines. (Maybe the unexplained, sudden death cases around us were due to vaccines?)

Does Allah create an immune system in us that is not reliable and want us to be vaccinated? Is vaccine a necessary precaution?

What we can be sure of is, that in cases of darurah, we are allowed to take a vaccine if there is really no halal option for the vaccine.

For Muslims going to Hajj/Umrah and have to take the Meningitis vaccine, there is already a halal version of the vaccine. Scientists have managed to use cow parts instead of khinzir parts.
According to an answer in, the general principle is that "the lesser of two evils may be done to ward off the greater" (Al-Ashbah Wa An-Naza'ir by As-Suyuti). It remains the duty of reliable specialists to decide on that weighing of the harms and benefits of each vaccine separately.
Hopefully, more research and more Muslim scientists emerge to clear the air on vaccines. Because now, we have no idea what we are giving our babies. And hopefully, we can replace the use of vaccines by something more natural


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