Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Bundle of Hope VS A Bundle of Joy

The day when a mother gives birth to her baby, is the happiest day for her, after her marriage. A bundle of joy enters her life and is going to fill it with more happiness.

How sure are we of this happiness? What is this happiness exactly?

I would prefer to call a newborn a bundle of hope. Afterall, a baby who is born into the world is not created to just bring joy to its parents. Every baby carries a mission. And what is the mission of life?

Yes, for those who answered. "To worship Allah", you are right.

So in a greater sense of the word joy, a baby is a bundle of joy if it grows up to bring its family to Allah. If it succeeds in carrying out its mission, to spread the message that was carried by our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. till he died.

Even before the Prophet s.a.w. died, he had left behind an important request - he wanted his followers who had listened to his final sermon to convey the message to the people that he did not get to see - which is us now.

Therefore, babies are our hope. We parents should now already be actively worshipping Allah in everything that we are doing in our lives, and get our children to participate in whichever ways possible at their age.

Inculcate the good values early so that the process of teaching our kids Islam will be a smooth, natural process. Teaching them late will just cause difficulties for both you and them, as the transition is harder.

When our babies are in our womb, we pray for their safety. Now that they are out in this world, all the more we should pray for their safety from the whisperings of Shaytan who had sworn since the beginning of time to destroy the faith of Muslims.

Let's make the work of our children to worship Allah easier. Inspire them each day, and show them by example - yes, we mothers are their best examples. And they - our children - are our hopes.

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