Monday, May 21, 2012

When people hurt you

It is easy to feel angered, but it is not easy to forgive. But we should always try to forgive, because Allah is Most Forgiving. Some things are just meant to be unfair. Because the world is not perfect. People too are not perfect. Some imperfections cannot be changed, so leave them behind and just focus on the more happy side of life. My favourite saying: the World is a vast place. Go explore!

Marriage, Mommy, Money

I am spurred on to write this post immediately after reading an e-book by Ponn M Sabra, founder of When I started out blogging, I had added the button of this website on my blog, as I found its contents inspirational, and very much relevant to my life. I was so happy to have done it, because now, there are much more good information on this website, shared by Sister Ponn. May Allah bless her efforts and her generous sharing of knowledge.

Some points to remember that I've got from reading her e-book:
1. One should NEVER be judged on material wealth, but on religion, deeds and way of life.
2. A wife's obligation is to look after her family at home, and she is not obliged to work if her husband can support the family financially. If she does work, her salary is hers and she can spend it in any way she wants in halal activities.
3. Homeschooling your own kids is much better than sending them to a school where the teacher doesn't understand your child's personality, likes and dislikes, and learning styles. An educated mother will be able to teach much more things for her child, and cover areas that a teacher in school (who also has to handle 20 other kids) cannot, for example, Social Skills, Health & Hygiene, Gratitude to Allah when learning Science. Teaching your child at the comfort of your home, will also allow you to optimise time and work around your prayer schedule, hence giving the child the added importance of prayer.
4. Save cash and invest in halal means, such as gold.
5. Get yourself busy in community events, and contribute to the society with your expertise.
6. Save as much as possible in grocery and coupon shopping.
7. Remember that business is built on quality, not quantity. Never compromise on cheap services, but go for trusted ones that you can afford.

Girls, get ready for home school!

Friday, March 30, 2012

The wish to see the world

I felt that reading saves me from being sad. La Tahzan. There is a paragraph about a man who had cancer of the digestive system, already at the critical stage. He didn't prepare to die, but instead he told the doctors of his wish to sail round the world. And he did just that, although the doctors warned that he may die during the journey. He told them that he would not die in the sea, as he has promised to his family that he wanted to be buried in the family's burial site. In fact, on his journey, he bravely consumed all the foods that doctors warned him against, due to the digestive problems he had. Amazingly, when he finally returned, the doctors found that he was cured. They said his method of cheering himself up worked to remove the critical illness he had.

Should I do that? Perhaps one day, I will set a journey around the world, and then brave myself, and eat all the foods I want to, visit all the beautiful places in the world.