Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Congrats New Mom - Checklist for Your Newborn After Birth

What A Muslim Newborn Deserves Upon Birth

1. Recite the Azan to your newborn.
2. Let your baby taste the sweetness of dates. Place a tiny amount of the essence from squashed dates into the baby's mouth.
3. Give your newborn a good name: a name with a good meaning, or a name of the Prophet or Sahabah, a name that means "Servant of Allah", names of pious people
4. Seventh day post-delivery:
  • Shave your newborn's hair, weigh the shaven hair and donate the equivalent amount to charity.
  • Arrange for Aqeeqah - sacrifice two sheep for baby boy, one sheep for baby girl. This is a strong sunnah as the Prophet s.a.w. practised it. Another reason is for increasing the sense of identity of the Muslim community and awareness of the new addition to the Ummah  - a new follower of the Prophet s.a.w.
  • Circumcision. Best done as soon as possible so it will not cause discomfort especially if it's carried out when the child is out and about on his feet. Another advantage is that the wound will heal quickly in babies.

Anything that we have missed out?

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