Friday, March 30, 2012

The wish to see the world

I felt that reading saves me from being sad. La Tahzan. There is a paragraph about a man who had cancer of the digestive system, already at the critical stage. He didn't prepare to die, but instead he told the doctors of his wish to sail round the world. And he did just that, although the doctors warned that he may die during the journey. He told them that he would not die in the sea, as he has promised to his family that he wanted to be buried in the family's burial site. In fact, on his journey, he bravely consumed all the foods that doctors warned him against, due to the digestive problems he had. Amazingly, when he finally returned, the doctors found that he was cured. They said his method of cheering himself up worked to remove the critical illness he had.

Should I do that? Perhaps one day, I will set a journey around the world, and then brave myself, and eat all the foods I want to, visit all the beautiful places in the world.

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